Your Problems Matter Too

Imagine going through something very difficult. Something that has caused you grief, tears, and heartbreak. Maybe it was even something small, just a little complaint. Either way, you go to tell a friend for some much-needed words of wisdom, but instead, they make it sound like no big deal. They tell you ‘at least this’ or ‘it’s not as bad as’ and they continue to compare all their problems to yours.

This had recently happened to me. I wasn’t actually sure how to feel about what this person had just told me. Nor was I sure what to respond with. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about all the things I could have said but in the end, I’m glad I kept quiet and just nodded my head. If I had said something, I might have overreacted or stooped down to her level. I didn’t want that person to feel the same way they made me feel.

Problems can be anywhere from little tiny things that just annoy you to something that will or has changed your life. I don’t want somebody to finally work up the courage to tell me something just to get shot down. I can guarantee you they won’t be coming to me for advice or comforting words again. I can’t promise I haven’t done this to somebody before. It’s not the easiest task in the world to not compare somebody’s life to yours, or maybe it is for you.

I want to challenge myself, and you guys are welcome to join in, to show compassion to those who come to me with their issues. Even if I can’t understand what they are going through or if I just can’t seem to see how it could be hard for them. I just want everyone to remember that what may be easy for us could kill someone else.

Let me know in the comments how you felt about this post and if you’ve been through this before!

Sam Manns