Here is a list of spring cleaning tips that will help you stay sane this season as you purge everything you own and make your house feel fresh again! 

Having to go through everything you own and clean things you haven’t in months can feel so overwhelming. But don’t stress, I have written out some spring cleaning tips that will keep you from going crazy and still get the job done.

I have also written up a free spring cleaning checklist that you can download at the end of this post!

This post is all about spring cleaning tips!

1. Spring Cleaning Tips | Do not do it all in one day

Unless you are trying to overwhelm yourself and make yourself want to give up, then don’t do it all in one day. Divide what you need to do into different days. Monday can be the bathrooms, Tuesday the kitchen, Wednesday can be the closets, and so on. Keep it easy and keep it real. Don’t set too many expectations you cant keep up with.

2. Use the Green Machine for deep cleaning

My favorite spring cleaning tip: Get this right now. This thing right here is an actual lifesaver! Do you know how many times I have spilled coffee on my couch and rug? Or how many times my dogs have thrown up on my carpet! No, you don’t because you can’t see it! I don’t even freak out because I know this thing will pull it right out. So, get this now because I am telling you, ya need it in your life.

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3. Use all-natural products & keep them to a minimum

On Pinterest, you can find plenty of all-natural DIY cleaning products to keep your home clean but also keep it green! Here is my favorite all-natural all-purpose cleaner from Joyfully Treasured. Smells great and cleans just as good as any other.

Another one that’s great is this all-natural fabric freshener & air freshener from Happy Home Happy Heart


4. Go through and organize + purge

Make cleaning easier on yourself by going through your closet, bookshelves, and drawers. The less clutter you have then the easier it will be to clean. Go through your closet and give away things you haven’t worn in 6 months. Store your winter clothes in a different closet or in the garage. Go through your bookshelves and give away books you have already read or won’t ever read. (This one is super hard for me). Organize things so you don’t have to go crazy looking for them.

5. Get an air filter

And last but definitely NOT least! Get an air filter so the house is filled with fresh air. We have dogs who have lots of hair, stink, and get dust everywhere so having an air filter was a must for me when moving into a home. Especially a small home. The one I have is from Amazon of course. (Literally everything I have is from Amazon) This one is a tad bit pricey but worth every penny. We have a very open home, so I was willing to buy a bigger one that would do the job rather than a bunch of smaller ones for each room.

All of these spring cleaning tips will be sure to keep your home fresh and clean this coming season. Make sure to download your free cleaning checklist printable to be able to stay on top of it.

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