Let’s talk about having a productive morning routine where you ACTUALLY get things done. Have you seen those Tik Toks of the ‘that girl’ morning routine? Well, today I am gonna show you how to achieve the healthy version of that!

productive morning routine

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Want to wake up and immediately feel productive and refreshed? Need some morning routine ideas so you can accomplish that productive morning routine? Let’s do it! I love simple and easy, all the time. So when it comes to a productive morning routine, simple and easy is the way to go. If you make it too dang hard on yourself, you most definitely will not have a productive morning. More like a sluggish too hard to accomplish the day.

Tips for a Productive Morning Routine

Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

Do you know why? Because it won’t happen if you do. Set the alarm to the time you KNOW you can wake up. If you wake up every morning at 10 am, do not set your alarm for 5 am. Please.

To have a productive morning routine, you must be real with yourself. I normally wake up around 7 to 8 am. If I want to wake up earlier then I will shoot for 6 to 6:30 am. That is an extra 30 minutes to an hour and won’t be so hard for me to accomplish.

Use the app Sleep Cycle to help wake you up. It determines for you when you are in your lightest sleep and will gently wake you up during that time. Click here to check it out! (Not sponsored) I truly love this app and highly recommend it. Although i would definitely LOVE to be sponsored by them. wink wink! 

Another alarm I have heard GREAT things about is this sunrise alarm. I have yet to use it but all of my friends that use it absolutely love it. Check that out here!

Have Something You Look Forward To

Normally when I go to sleep at night I am already looking forward to having my coffee and eating some food. If the thing you look forward to is watching the sunrise or taking the dogs on a walk then so be it!

But have something you seriously enjoy doing then do it soon after you wake up. Make waking up enjoyable because unfortunately, we have to do it every day so might as well like it.

(I struggle with that part every day even though coffee is my favorite thing in the world. Eventually, it will become second nature and you won’t have to worry so much about the enjoying it part.)

Write a To-Do List

Either the night before or while you are having your coffee, write out all the things you would like to get done. I like to make my to-do lists super detailed from having coffee to keeping my phone in the bedroom and even opening the curtains.

This just ensures that I have the morning I want and get to check off more which makes it even more exciting because who doesn’t love checking off their to-do lists?

Stay Off Distractions

Keep that phone out of your hands and kept in the bedroom while you do what needs to be done. Do not let yourself scroll through Tik Tok and Instagram when you wake up because before you know it, there go those extra thirty minutes. Or even an hour. Yep, it has happened to me. Do not do it. It is just not worth it.

Having a productive morning routine means being productive and Tik Tok is not that.

If you need to, have the phone charging where you won’t see it. So the bedroom, the office, even the bathroom works. Just hide her away and stay away.

This has helped me create good morning habits where I get things done instead of wishing I got more done before work. On slower days that don’t need to be so productive then I won’t be so strict about it.

For the ADHD people like me, sometimes being on facetime with someone actually helps me get stuff done so if that’s the case then be on your phone. But NO scrolling!!!

Stay Out of the Bedroom After Making Your Bed

After you make your bed, walk out, and close the door. Don’t look back lol. That bed can be so tempting to crawl back into especially when it is all made and pretty. Everyone always says the opposite but for me, I want to crawl back in when it is made.

So, I close the door and move on.

Right after I wake up, I usually wash my face or just rinse with water so I feel more awake. Then I go for my dishes that need put away. Sometimes I start a load of laundry too before my coffee so I feel like it’s a treat. I did this so I get this (coffee in this case). Doing a couple of chores before coffee also lets me relax a little.

I do some chores then I pour myself a coffee. I use to drink my coffee in my bed but normally that ended in a nap so now I grab my coffee and write out my to-do lists on the couch. No naps here.

Shower & Makeup

I hate working out in the mornings so I don’t do that. Instead, the way I wake up and energize is a nice shower and putting on a fresh face of makeup.

If you prefer to energize in the morning by working out then go for that instead but I feel more ready for the day by showering and putting on some mascara.

I work out at night so my morning can be dedicated to other things. Just my opinion.


This one is plain and simple!! Eat so you have the energy for the day. I hate breakfast foods so I don’t eat breakfast foods. I will totally have a turkey wrap or power bowl for breakfast rather than pancakes or eggs with toast.

That is just my preference but just know that you need the carbs and the protein. Whether that’s a dinner meal or a lunch, don’t worry about what that meal is categorized as. Just eat and make life easy for yourself.

how to be productive

Morning Devotional

Start your day by reading something encouraging. Journal, pray, meditate, whatever. Take control of your mind and actions. Breathing exercises, journaling, praying, and reading the bible are all great ways to do this.

When you have to stop and think. I believe the day becomes easier. You have a clear goal, you know what you need to get done, and the stresses from the day before aren’t as heavy.

Now, this isn’t a promise that these things will happen for you but what normally happens for me.

Take time in the morning to set the intention and talk with God.

Do More in the Morning so You Can Do Less at Night

My husband comes home around 4 pm. Dinner gets made at 4:30 so we can eat at 5 – 6 pm. I then clean up dinner and the rest of the kitchen. Now it’s 7 pm. I like to spend the rest of the time I have with my husband, not having to clean or finish my to-do list.

We read together, pray, watch tv, chat, or hang out outside.

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Get things done during the rest of the day so you have a wind-down time. I spend the day doing my to-do list and the night relaxing.

You Don’t Need The Same Routine As Everyone Else

You don’t need the same routine as everyone else. Make your own routine! Do what you like to do. Wake up early or don’t.

If your routine is different then so be it. You are the only one following this routine, not anyone else. Your life needs to be dedicated to your life. Make your morning as wonderful as you want it to be.

If I don’t like my productive morning routine then I will continue tweaking it until I do. The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. So make it the best you can.

I hope you liked my Ten Ways to Have A Productive Morning Routine! Let me know what tips you have in the comments below!