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10 Easy Ways To Have A Productive Morning Routine

Let’s talk about having a productive morning routine where you ACTUALLY get things done. Have you seen those Tik Toks of the ‘that girl’ morning routine? Well, today I am gonna show you how to achieve the healthy version of that! Related: 7 Tips to Get Organized and Stay That Way Want to

A Week of Deliciously Easy Meal Ideas for Two

dinner ideas for tonight
Easy meal ideas are hard to come up with sometimes. Especially after a stressful week, it is just easier to let someone else do the planning for you. Here is a WHOLE WEEK of easy meal ideas for two. My husband and I love all of these and definitely love the simplicity

7 Tips to Get Organized and Stay That Way

get organized
Here are 11 ways to get organized & stay that way! Ever organized your life to the T then the next day you don’t do anything you planned? Or pulled an all-nighter just so you would be up at the time you wanted to be? Let me help you out. Sometimes you

10 Fun Date Ideas for the Young Married Couple

Now, I say young married couple only because usually we young folks aren’t making enough money just yet to go out to dinner and a movie every week.  If you are, props to you but we are most definitely not spending that much money for something I can make at home. I