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7 Products That Helped Me Get Through 2019

As girls, we all have our not so necessary but necessary beauty products The best beauty products of 2019; in my opinion anyway. From my bathroom cabinet to yours; Here’s my top 7 that I couldn’t live without and once you try it, I’m sure you won’t be able to either. The

Prince Charming Belongs In Your Books

Let’s be real here, every girl has wished for that one guy to show up on his stunning white horse; looking like a dream come true, like our prince charming. Sometimes we think we’ve found him and look past all those flaws that may not matter now but could later on. Don’t

My Somewhat Daily Morning Routine

My somewhat daily morning routine is simple and easy. For most days I have a pretty set routine but obviously, I’m not perfect so some days I don’t stick to it. Not every day you’re going to be able to be super productive and get a workout in or make yourself a