Here are 11 ways to get organized & stay that way! Ever organized your life to the T then the next day you don’t do anything you planned? Or pulled an all-nighter just so you would be up at the time you wanted to be? Let me help you out.

Sometimes you just need a little help getting your life together. I have put together a list that will help you get started on how to get organized and stay that way! It can be so hard and overwhelming when you don’t even know where to start.

This post is all about how to get organized and how to stay that way

Best Ways to Get Organized

 1. Get Organized | Start the day before

Do not try and do all of this work to get your life together the night before. Your head will most definitely explode! Trust me on that. I tend to want to stay up all night just so I can get everything done and be up at the time I want. It won’t work out and it won’t stick. You will be extremely exhausted the next day and that’s not what we want nor will that help you stay organized so make sure to get that sleep!

Put the plan together in the morning and then start the routine the next morning. That way you can fall asleep on time, get enough rest to execute the plan, AND actually get everything you want to get done.

2. Google Calander

Google calendar is and will forever be my best friend! I plan out my whole day using the time blocking technique that AmyTV from youtube taught me. Click here to watch her video, it is life-changing!

You basically just block out everything you know you have to get done at the set time you want to do it. I have everything color coordinated because I am a little crazy but it makes me feel much more put together.

I have created different sub-calendars for each category. That way I can see what needs to be done at home, out of the house, for my website, bills, and much more. Then you can also add people to each calendar and coordinate together. My husband and I share the “bills & subscriptions” calendar so we can see what is due and when. We also share the “out of house” calendar so we know each other’s schedules. It makes married life much easier haha.

get organized meaning

3. An organized home = an organized mind

I firmly believe that you can’t have a messy home and then expect to not have a messy mind. If you don’t know where anything is or have to constantly dig through things to find what you are looking for, you won’t get anything done. The week before you put your plan together, put your home together. I have a spring cleaning blog post that will definitely help with this. Read that here!

Once everything is organized you can then be able to relax and not have to spend time looking for something. Spend the week going through each room and organizing your space. You will not regret it!

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4. Set a cleaning schedule

If you have a schedule for everything then there is less of a chance of getting behind or forgetting! I have a cleaning schedule for each room in my house and daily cleaning tasks. Every day at 9 am; I put away dishes, start a load of laundry, and give the living room a quick vacuum. Then every night at 7 pm; I do the dishes, wipe down the counters, and vacuum the living room again. Monday is for the bedrooms (clean bedding, vacuum, mop, wipe down baseboards, etc.), Wednesday is for the kitchen (vacuum, mop, clean out the fridge, wipe down baseboards, condition butcher block counters, etc.), and so on. Figure out what days you can do what and go from there.

Remember that google calendar is your best friend especially when it comes to creating schedules so write down when you want to get those chores done, then do it!

5. Don’t overdo it

If you try to do too much at once then you will fail. Don’t even argue this one. You WILL fail. When you set super high unrealistic expectations for yourself, not only will you become discouraged but then the whole plan falls apart and there goes any chance of you getting your life together. And any chance of you keeping it together. So, make sure that you take baby steps and create new habits one habit at a time. If you want to wake up early every day, then start with that. Do not try to wake up early, workout right after, make a five-star breakfast, walk the dogs, then get everything you need to get done by 8 AM.

I can do this every once in a while but trying to do this every morning is not possible. Unless you have done those baby steps where each one of those things are habits now. Start with one habit then move to the next. You will soon enough have a chain of habits that will become second nature and make that routine possible. Just don’t try to do it all at once, you will burn out.

If you are interested in learning more about creating habits that stick then I would recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Absolutely amazing and of course life-changing.

6. Create a life binder

My friends and family think I am crazy for this one but honestly don’t even care haha! I have a binder full of mail, need to be paid bills, paid bills, password keeper, bill organizer, my meal planner, my grocery lists, and so much more. Truly, I could not live without this binder because it has almost my whole life in it, it is amazing. Pinterest has some really cool printables for a home binder but here are my printables for a cleaning checklist, meal planner, and grocery list. You can download them here!

7. Keep a notebook on hand

Keep a notebook with you at all times! Get one that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. If you come up with anything that needs to be done while you are out and about then you can quickly write it down there. Or if you like to use your phone notebook then do that. I like to use my phone in combination with an actual notebook. I feel like if I actually write it down on paper then I am more likely to remember. To-do lists are great to put in this notebook so when you leave the house you still have what needs to be done with you.

All of these tips will be sure to help you get organized and stay organized. Get your life together so that the stress and worry of life lessons. Being organized helps your brain out so much so let me know in the comments how you stay organized!

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