My somewhat daily morning routine is simple and easy. For most days I have a pretty set routine but obviously, I’m not perfect so some days I don’t stick to it. Not every day you’re going to be able to be super productive and get a workout in or make yourself a five-star breakfast.

Some days you just need to be lazy so I kind of just do what I know I need to and if there isn’t much to do then I relax. It pretty much depends on the day.

My husband works and I stay at home. Mostly because I am doing school and I am blessed to even have that option not to work so that makes things nice. Sometimes I do have dog training clients that I work with but I have kind of put my work on hold for school.

SO let’s get into my morning routine …

Usually, I tend to wake up whenever my husband leaves for work. He will wake me up to enjoy a cup of coffee with him and then say goodbye before he’s off to work for 8 – 10 hours. The mornings are kind of my peaceful time because no one else is awake. (We are living with his dad and siblings till our house is done being remodeled.)

My favorite coffee is the House Blend from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I usually will just mix it with some creamer or if I am feeling fancy then I will froth it. Like I said, whatever I am feeling.

I kind of hate the idea of sticking to the same thing every morning and not ever changing things. You do you.

Sometimes, I will just sit on my phone and scroll through social media, or I will get right to being productive. I bought this cute little notebook so I could write all the things I need to get done that day. It’s actually really surprising how much I can get done when I write it down. I think it helps me get my thoughts all in order and I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

First, I start by making the bed, everyone you watch on YouTube that shows their morning routine will tell you that starting out with a small task makes you feel accomplished the first thing in the morning and while it definitely does do that, I always did it because I can’t handle a messy room. Never have been able to. I can’t get school done, or sit and relax in my room because I feel like a bum. LOL. Maybe I’m weird.

Bed, Morning routine

Then, I usually either put away dishes or load the dishwasher. I tend to forget to start the dishwasher the night before. I’m an old lady and get tired right after dinner. I’m only 20 I know, it’s painful.

Next, I eat. As I may have mentioned before; I am allergic to gluten so my breakfast is simple. Avocado toast on GF bread, tofu scramble, or GF waffles. Such amazing breakfasts’, I know.

If I try to make my breakfast too extravagant then I won’t eat. My morning needs to be simple for me or I won’t get anything done so to make things easy on myself, I keep things minimal.

Coffee, chores, food, whatever’s on my to-do list. Done and Done!

Depending on how I feel and if I am up for it then I will work out. Most of the time I decide I have better things to do (LOL). (Just trying to be honest.) I love the feeling afterward but I’ve got too much to do that doesn’t include making my body sore.

I know this definitely doesn’t sound like the most aesthetic morning routine but it’s what works for me. Too many people are trying to copy someone else’s life when they need to focus on what works for them. I have done my fair share of trying to be like someone else and have finally come to the realization that there’s only one you. So as they say, you do you and be who you want to be.