A Week Of Easy Dinner Ideas

When I got married, I had no idea how much my husband ate nor how much food cost. The answer to both is, A LOT! So, I knew after my first solo grocery shop that I had to get creative and frugal, fast. Sadly, I am no expert and still have a lot to learn but I figured that you would want to see what I come up with along the way.

Cheap + Easy + Gluten Free

Here’s what we had this week for din-din and if you read till the end (or just scroll down) you’ll get something that helped me quite a bit, don’t worry, it’s free. Easy dinners are always a plus, especially when you are busy or just lazy like me…


Crockpot teriyaki chicken

A SUPER easy dinner to make, especially when you have to work all day and are already looking forward to bedtime. Literally me every single day.

I used the crockpot express. Only because I could set a time for it to turn to stay warm instead of having to be at home to manually turn off the crockpot. I added this to the top ten things you should have in your kitchen. 


Spaghetti + Ground Beef

7 Easy Dinner Ideas that are Yummy and Cheap


I just boiled some gluten-free noodles and browned some ground beef. Once the noodles were done I drained them. While they stayed in the colander, I heated up the sauce then added the ground beef. Added the noodles back in and BAM, you’re done. Super easy, yummy, and cheap. 

Also, if you have lots of leftovers you can freeze it in a bag or glass Tupperware to have for dinner another night.


Chili Mac & Cheese w/ Cornbread


Chili Mac + Cornbread

LOL, this one is such an easy dinner it hurts. Bake the cornbread first so it will be done by the time you finish everything else. Make the packaged Mac & Cheese (I use gluten-free of course.) Add a can of chili till all of it is heated up. Again, easy peasy lemon squeezy. My favorite gluten-free Mac and Cheese is from Kraft. My husband can’t taste the difference. 



I swear I spent like $50 on this week’s meals. I had most of the stuff but even then. Easy and cheap.

Tacos are pretty self-explanatory but here’s the recipe I use. Pretty much prepare lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and taco shells. Heat up some oil and fry the tacos. The ground beef is just as easy, brown it then add the taco seasoning. 

I’m sure the recipe explains it better if you’ve never made tacos. 


Baked Tilapia + Veggies

Tialpia + Veggies for Week of Dinners

I just use frozen tilapia from Sams club. I put it in the fridge the morning of and let it defrost. Preheat the oven to 375, oil the fish up, add Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, then stick in the oven for about 20 minutes. Just make sure to check the temp to make sure it’s fully cooked.

For the veggies, I used asparagus and spinach.


Baked Chicken + Potaters 

This one is probably my favorite one. I LOVE baked chicken thighs. Probably the only cut of chicken I like, actually. 

I debone my chicken thighs and leave the skin on. I add the potatoes to the same pan. Set the oven to 400, oil em’ up, season with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Then bake for 20 minutes. Sometimes I will air fry them for extra crisp. 

I have an oven that bakes, toasts, air fries, and broils. I bought mine from Bed Bath and Beyond, you can buy it online too. Makes baking real easy. Seems to be a theme here lol. I do like easy when it comes to cooking.



This is when those frozen bags of spaghetti comes in. We usually have leftovers on Sunday because I am too burnt out to make anything else and I’ve about run out of ideas by now. Just being honest. Sundays are our relaxing days so leftovers are easy.

Just run the bag under some warm water till it defrosts then stick into a pan and warm it up on low. 

Printable Meal Plan

Now that you’ve read or scrolled to the end. I printed out an empty weekly meal plan and laminated it so that I could use it weekly and not waste paper. Just use a dry-erase marker to fill it in and hang it on your fridge!


If you like easy dinner ideas as I do, make sure to leave a comment below so I know to keep up with them. If you have any recipes I should add to my list, LET ME KNOW. I would love to try it!