As girls, we all have our not so necessary but necessary beauty products

The best beauty products of 2019; in my opinion anyway.

From my bathroom cabinet to yours;
Here’s my top 7 that I couldn’t live without and once you try it, I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

The Oh So Magical Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Shower & spritz, that’s it! After my hair dries, I brush out and oh my. So so soft and shiny. It’s beautiful, really.

Fast And Easy Electric Shaver

Beauty// Revlon Electric Shaver for WomenI mean, let’s be real, this thing was my number one. Usually, I shave in the shower but if I was in a rush or just didn’t feel like shaving in the shower, this was my solution. Easy to use, stays charged for like ever and leaves NO HAIR behind. Whoever made this, I could kiss (not really, I wouldn’t but you get my point).


Oh My Gosh, This Body Wash

Beauty// African Black Body Wash

Haha, that rhymed, but in all honesty, this stuff was a lifesaver! For acne and backne? I used in the shower and a little goes a long way so the bottle lasted forever. It’s super gentle and smells wonderful.


Make You Sleepy Pillow MistBeauty// Lavender Pillow Spray

A bit extra but I love it. It’s a spray you spritz on your pillow and it contains lavender essential oils. Lavender is great for calming nerves, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, and has even been used for treating depression. If you haven’t tried a lavender pillow mist, nows the time to.


3 In 1 Day And Night Moisturizer / Facemask

Beauty// Face Mask

So this is a moisturizer that can also be used as a mask, I never have but if I pack it on at night; I wake up to a super smooth face. Like baby soft. I also use their face wash with green tea, great stuff for acne.

Trader Joes’ Rose Water Facial Spray

Beauty// Face Spray Toner

I bought this stuff off a whim, I had no reason for it but I decided to buy it anyway. Turns out, I won’t be using any other toners! Feels great and it’s all-natural, gotta love Trader Joes! I usually use it in the morning right after I wake up and at night, right before bed.

These beauty products got me through 2019 and as extra as they may seem, they were necessary!