Now, I say young married couple only because usually we young folks aren’t making enough money just yet to go out to dinner and a movie every week. 

If you are, props to you but we are most definitely not spending that much money for something I can make at home. I also know that I don’t want to stay in every week to make a fancy dinner or watch a movie. I need something more.

So my husband and I created a list of date ideas for other couples like us. When coming up with date ideas isn’t your thing, just pick one from the list below!

A fun way to do this is to write them on popsicle sticks then stick them all in a jar so when the time comes you don’t have to do anything but pull from the jar and go.


If we lived somewhere that had beautiful hiking trails, this is what we would be doing all the time. Hiking is an easy way to enjoy each other’s company while appreciating God’s wonderful creation. Stop at the top and read your bible together. Being on a mountain reading God’s word has a way of changing your heart.


Probably not everyone’s favorite thing to do but my husband and I LOVE to. We did invest in gear & bait to be able to go when we want but some lakes offer the ability to rent poles and buy small bags of bait. We pack some sandwiches and chips in an ice chest and are set for the day. 

If fishing doesn’t sound like something you’d like, just go to the lake for the day. 


Like I said if fishing isn’t your thing you can just pack up a lunch and go to the lake for a beautiful picnic. When my husband (my boyfriend at the time) and I were working on our house, I laid a picnic out into the back of my car so we could eat in our future front yard. This was one of the most special date ideas I had come up with. Now in our front yard, we have a memory of our first picnic together.

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 Picnic foods are also super easy to come up with. Here is the picnic basket I used- it comes with plates, glasses, and silverware. 


My husband came up with this one and even though I am not a huge fan of it, it was still lots of fun. Probably not the most frugal date idea but bowling alleys usually have some sort of deals throughout the week. Just call and see if they have a discount/ special happening soon and plan to go on that night. 

Ice Skating

My husband is a hockey player so of course, this is what he would come up with. In the wintertime, I think this is a cute idea. A nice cup of hot chocolate with the smell of snow. I love it. Not always though if I am honest. Most of the time I think it is too much work just to go in circles all night lol. 

Game Night

I bought these cards that have deep questions to ask each other. I am not very good at coming up with these questions by myself and normally wouldn’t even think to ask them. With a glass of wine and a nice dinner, this is lots of fun. Or just by itself honestly. I get to learn all sorts of new things that I either love or never wanted to know. Play at your own risk lol!

You can buy this set of cards here!

Bake a Dessert Together

This took some convincing to do because my husband hates cooking or baking but when he finally gave in, we laughed the whole time. Mainly because couldn’t we couldn’t agree on how to measure the flour, we then got that flour everywhere, and the cookies we made came out horribly burnt so it was a whole new experience. You can also do a contest to see who makes the best dessert. I haven’t done this yet but it is next on my list. 

baking, date idea, dessert

Take the Dogs Somewhere

Back when we first started dating, this is all we ever did. We took my dog and his dog to dog parks, lakes, hiking trails, the beach, and anywhere else we could. Not only did we get to hang out but our dogs got the exercise they needed. 

Dogs, Hiking, date idea


We haven’t been regular golfing or mini-golfing just yet but this is another date that is on my to-do list. Neither one is expensive and if you have golf clubs already then it’s even cheaper. If you don’t have a golf course near you, set up your own in the backyard. Amazon has cute sets you can buy to set it up. 


On Facebook marketplace, you can find bikes for sale all the time. From mountain bikes (which are pretty pricey) to beach cruisers. If you have bikes already then put them to use. When we went to big bear we biked everywhere we could. It is great exercise and super calming. Not much talking can be done so if you want to spend time together but don’t want to chat the whole time, this is perfect. I obviously don’t mean that in a bad way, sometimes you want to spend time with each other but don’t want to chat the whole time.

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Whether you are going outdoors and being active or staying indoors and chilling out, dates can be fun and exciting. They don’t always have to be the same thing every week. My husband and I made a promise to spend quality time with each other at least once a week. Quality time meaning being together and doing stuff together, not just watching him work on his truck. We didn’t realize that our definitions of quality time were different. While he thought just being together while doing separate things was quality time, I thought we weren’t hanging out at all. Make sure you talk with your husband about what you think is a date and what isn’t.

Coming up with fun date ideas can be difficult. If you have a hard time finding something new to do, then this list is for you.

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