My Love for Agility


When I learned about agility, I knew I just had to do it right away. My grandfather was at an agility show (or trial as we call it) when my Dad and I went to visit him. He was running his dog Chili who I am now running. I told my dad that I wanted to do it but I didn’t have a dog and I didn’t have the money to get a trainer or buy the equipment for it. Little did I know…

My grandfather later found out that I fell in love with the sport. He talked to my dad about getting me to a trainer and a dog. Thanks to my parents and grandpa, I got a trainer and I used his dog to learn the ropes. Every time there was a show, my parents would drive me, usually an hour, to every show. (Love you!)

Chili and I at our first show in 2014

In the beginning of 2014 I had been told about nationals and how to get there. I was a 13 year old turning 14 at the time and the possibility of going to nationals made me more than nervous. I was just starting out in the agility world and didn’t know nearly as much as the people who went there every year. 

I knew I definitely wanted to give it a go but I never thought I would be able to achieve such a big possibility. I know now that anything you set your mind to can be done with hard work and time. By 2016, I had a lot more experience and I became more confident with how I ran. I felt ready to run in Oregon.

In January of 2016 we put a jar out to fill with any pocket money we had. Every time we had some extra money we would stuff it in that jar. By the time Nationals rolled around we had enough money to make it there and had a little spending cash too. 

It was filled with a week of fun, lots and lots of running, food, and people I love… 

I have definitely come a long way from 2014 and that’s all thanks to my grandfather, my parents, and last but most certainly not least Chili.


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