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So where do I start? Oh yes, my name. Well  my name is Aryana Renee and I am your average teenage girl. Except I have a blog where I post about my average teenage girl experiences and adventures. I am a celiac diabetic which means I am a diabetic who is allergic to gluten. Not super sensitive to it but it still isn’t good for my body. My sports include dog agility (I train my dog to react to my body language on a course) with my dog Simba. He is an Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown and is now two years old. #Mybestfriend  I currently stand in first place junior agility runner in the US with another dog name Chili. 

I want to share with you all about the life I live, the adventures I take, and anything in between! 

I feel like a young girl writing her Instagram bio while writing this… 








I came up with the idea for this blog about six years ago. My friend and I first came up with a craft website but that didn’t work out due to the fact we didn’t have the supplies or money. So after some thinking I finally decided on a teen lifestyle blog. It’s almost like my own tumblr page. Hope you guys enjoy the site, getting a few laughs in, and maybe even follow along on my journey…




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